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Welcome to Animal Aid Unlimited, where animals are protected and revered. Animal Aid Unlimited is a US-based 501(c)3 charitable organization that runs a busy animal hospital and shelter in Udaipur, Rajasthan India, where ownerless street animals are rescued, healed, loved, and returned to the neighborhoods from where they came.

In this website you will find amazing animals and dedicated volunteers from all over the world working together with Animal Aid’s staff who serve fallen angels with tenderness, respect, and joy.

Animal Aid’s purpose is to both bring relief to suffering animals, and to awaken compassion among people. Showing everyone a path for action is where we begin.

Did you ever scratch a donkey under his chin? Have you ever bottle fed a baby goat? Ever helped a dog who lost her leg learn to walk again?

At Animal Aid, it’s easy to do beautiful work. Each day, about 200 animals are treated and encouraged to thrive.

Come join us. Animal Aid’s hospital is located just outside the rural historic village of Badi, six kilometers from Udaipur’s “Old City.” The animals in our care are surrounded by lush agricultural fields, and the chatter of birds and monkeys who live in the trees overhead.

Please give as much as you can, and give as often as you can. Your tax – deductible donation can save lives this day, this hour, and this minute.

If you have professional skills or “only” love in your heart and a will to encourage a frightened kitten; or if you want to help by donation, please know, they need you now: the abandoned, the feral, the gracious and rambunctious street animals of India!

Dieser streunende Hund wurde von einem Auto angefahren und konnte nicht verstehen, warum seine Beine nicht mehr funktionieren. Es hat eine lange Zeit gedauert, aber hier hat er gelernt, wieder zu laufen 💪

Calves in dairy farms are taken from their mothers (and disposed of) all around the world, even in India. This time Animal Aid Unlimited gave the terrified baby a second chance at life.

Animal Aid International rescue a little puppy cowering alone in a temple – he looks like he has been attacked by other dogs. Watch as he is rescued and find out what happens.
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Ein Straßenhündin liegt zusammengekauert in einem Garten und hatte sich darauf vorbereitet zu sterben. Sie litt unter schwerem Milbenbefall, hatte eine Kopfverletzung und hatte vollkommen die Hoffnung aufgegeben. Doch schau dir ihre Verwandlung an, nachdem sie von Animal Aid Unlimited gerettet wurde und die medizinische Hilfe bekam, die sie so verzweifelt benötigte.

THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD……watch what happens….
When she was found, rescuers thought she was dead, she wasn’t moving, covered in carrion flies…….

Der Hund wartete auf den Tod, als das Netz fiel
In Udaipur, Indien, lag dieser Hund regungslos an der Strasse. Geschwächt von Hunger, Durst, Räude und Parasitenbefall wartete er nur noch auf den Tod. Da schritten die Leute von Animal Aid Unlimited ein. Unglaublich, wie zwei Monate liebevoller Pflege ein Tier verändern können.

Bonnie’s Last Wish for Donkeys is also her forever wish. To celebrate the vision, extraordinary kindness and her unwavering optimism that people CAN help end the misery of working donkeys through education, medical treatment and loving sanctuary, we have named our donkey shelter the Bonnie Christopher Forever Home for Donkeys. Please watch and join AAU staff and friends as we, in this dedication, pay tribute to Bonnie and the amazing people who gave so generously and who have made her last wish come true.

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He had given up all hope. His body had been ravaged by mange and no matter how much he tried to scratch and run away from the pain it only got worse. When we found him he was curled up in a ball on the side of the road and was in such a state that even when our ambulance parked nearby he didn’t even lift his head. Watch his incredible transformation and get ready to hardly recognise that he is the same dog after 2 months of treatment. Please donate and share to help support our rescues!



We got a distressed call reporting a dog behaving very strangely. When we reached, we saw a very dear dog whose whole body was becoming stiff and rigid, almost like wood. His painful symptoms very closely matched those of strychnine poisoning, often found in rat poison, which is very deadly. We immediately began treatment to stop his extreme convulsions, gave him fluids, and then just had to wait. We were overjoyed to find him greatly improved the next morning.

Watch his fantastic recovery and please share to support street animal rescue!

In a very close brush with death, we rescued this very sweet dog who had most likely ingested rat poison containing strychnine. The poison causes an extremel…

Der kleine Hund war mit Teer überzogen. 4 Mal musste er die Reinigungsprozedur über sich ergehen lassen. Aber die Lebensfreude, die er dann zeigt, ist es wert, das Video anzusehen.

Die indische Tierschutzorganisation Animal Aid Unlimited konnte vor kurzem eine spektakuläre Rettungsaktion durchführen. Ein Hund lag bewegungsunfähig am…|Von FOCUS Online