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DuoDuo Animal Welfare Project (DDAWP) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of animal suffering in Taiwan and mainland China.

Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project’s ultimate goal is to create an environment in Taiwan and mainland China where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect that they rightfully deserve.

Some of you have asked us what happens to the dogs after they are rescued from the dog meat trucks and released to activists.

There is a long and difficult process. First, the dogs are offloaded from the crammed trucks and placed into crates where they have more room. The dogs are given water and portions of food since they may have been without food and water for a long period of time. Activists in the mean time are also very busy looking for temporary holding places, like closed farms and factories, and open space away from the city. Local veterinarians that came to help, or those that are hired, will test for distemper and parvo. Healthy dogs and dogs that have been treated are put into a larger area (last photo*) before they are transferred to privately run shelters called „Ji-Di“. The sick dogs are put into local pet hospitals, but unfortunately, many of the sick dogs do die because of the dire situation that they were in.

As you know, there have been many successful rescues since August 3, 2014 so many of the Ji-Di shelters are overcrowded and huge medical, food, and subsistence costs have accumulated. Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project has and will try our best to help them along the way.

We will share more photos with the two recent rescues so you can get a clearer picture of the process.


Einige von ihnen haben uns gefragt, was geschieht mit den hunden, nachdem sie die gerettet werden aus dem hund fleischlaster und freigesetzt, aktivisten.

Es ist ein langer und schwieriger prozess. Erstens, die hunde sind weg vom pruvot (lkw und in kisten, wo haben sie mehr platz. Die hunde sind wasser und teile von nahrungsmitteln, da sie möglicherweise ohne futter und wasser für eine lange zeit. Aktivisten in der zwischenzeit sind auch sehr beschäftigt mit für die vorübergehende haltungsbetrieb orte wie geschlossenen betriebe und fabriken und open space von der stadt entfernt. Lokale tierärzte, die kamen, um zu helfen, oder diejenigen, die eingestellt, wird ein test für temperamalereien und parvo. Gesunde hunde und hunde, die behandelt wurden, werden in eine größere fläche (letzte fotoausstell o*), bevor sie in privat geführte schutzeinrichtungen namens “ ji-di „. Die kranke hunde sind in lokalen pet krankenhäuser, aber leider sind viele der kranke hunde tun, sterben, weil der schlimmen situation, die sie waren.

Wie sie wissen, es gab viele erfolgreiche rettet seit august 3, 2014 so viele der ji-di schutzeinrichtungen sind überfüllt und riesige medizinische, lebensmittel, und aufenthaltskosten angesammelt haben. Duo duo tierschutz-projekt hat und wird versuchen unser bestes, um ihnen zu helfen.

Wir haben gemeinsam mehr fotos mit den zwei jüngsten rettet und du kannst dir ein klareres bild des prozesses.

* fotos von verschiedenen rettet


Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project – 多多 hat 5 neue Fotos hinzugefügt.3. November um 23:32 ·

Here is some good news to share with you. After 5 days and 5 nights, 328 dogs and 8 cats were rescued from a truck in the city of HanDang, China. In the first two days, activists and volunteers patiently waited outside of a secret animal storage place and then followed the truck that left the facility and blocked it at a toll booth. All of the animals are in good hands now. Local volunteers and vets rushed in to help with the rescue operation.

All of the animals are placed in a local shelter waiting for follow up physical examinations. We will post more photos and updates soon.

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Another swift victory. Yesterday’s (7/13) rescue went really well. Dog truck owner signed off the dogs (about 300) to the activists. Now all the dogs are freed from the truck and in good hands.

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The Festival takes place on June 22nd…

EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR HELPS! Please contribute what you can.

Your donations will go toward providing food and shelter, vaccines and medical care, neutering and spaying, and adoption processes for animals rescued from the Yulin „festival.“

Click this link to SEE and SHARE our video and DONATE!
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Help us provide food, shelter, and medical care to dogs rescued from the annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China, this June 2015.


More good news to share!

Another dog meat truck was blocked in Xian about two hours ago. ( Xian is the home of the famous terracotta warrior statues.) Our activist friend rushed to the scene and told me that within an hour, about 100 volunteers showed up even though it is midnight there. There is nothing we can do from our location in the U.S. (physically) to help those dogs but YOU can help us help them by sending an email to the office of the People’s Congress Standing Committee of Guangzhou City. See campaign details here. http://us3.campaign-archive1.com/…
If we can shut down the dog meat trade industry in Guangdong, There will be at least 40% fewer of these dog meat trucks.

Stay tuned. More developments to come.


The photo here shows local Chinese children holding up signs that say, „Let the 140 dogs go home.“ They are referring to the 140 dogs that are still being held in a government-run shelter in Shenyang since April 5 (180 rescued and about 40 died since then). These dogs were taken off a detained dog meat truck and animal activists have been negotiating for their release. Because local activists are there around the clock to make sure the dogs are treated humanely, we believe so far the dogs are well fed. We will keep you posted on new developments.

In China, cats face similar cruel treatment to dogs.

Another cat truck was spotted and stopped by an animal welfare organization, the Shanghai Animal Protection Frontline Alliance, and authorities were notified. The cats, numbering close to 1000, are now under the care of the activists. Some of these cats will be adopted and some will be spayed or neutered and released.

The cat thieves come into Shanghai from the Guandong and Guanxi provinces, because only some people in those two provinces eat cats. Over the years, local Shanghai activists have developed a strong team to protect their cats.

We have received a few good suggestions on how to fight against the dog and cat meat trade. Thank you. Please keep sending us your good ideas. info@duoduoanimalwelfareproject.org

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There is some good news to report on the recent Beijing dog rescue. Local officials agreed to release all of the dogs to local activists if they can take the dogs out of the area within 24 hours. Activists have been working through the night to accomplish this.

One thing we would like to point out is that the young police and officials, like the young activists, have a more compassionate attitude toward animals than in past generations.

During this operation, quite a few dogs were found to have distemper, so activists are worried about potential big medical expenses. We told the activists that Duo Duo will be here to help if they need any assistance . We will keep you posted on new developments.

Here is an update from the recent dog rescue operation in Beijing. The dogs are being taken off the dog meat truck.and are being put in a temporary holding area. Ownership of the dogs and their fate is still being negotiated. Activists have been working throughout the night. On the bright side, the dogs are out of their cramped situation and now in good hands. More photos to come. Stay tuned.

Last night, another truck loaded with 180 dogs was stopped by activists on the way to a slaughterhouse in ShenYang. The brave Chinese activists chased down the truck after it was spotted and media was alerted. Things are looking good so far. Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted.

Here is more good news to share with you.

A few days ago, local police of Foshan, Guangdong, spotted a suspicious van and arrested dog thieves. Those lucky dogs were rescued. We mentioned before that a whole generation of people grew up under the one child policy, and that many of these people had pets as family companions. They don’t view dogs as food. Now, they are in their 30’s and they are entering the elite sections of society. Some of them became police officers. They are different from the old generation and they will risk their lives for the welfare of animals, as this case showed us. Even though it is an uphill battle, we really believe that hope is on the way.

Alle Hunde (etwa 90) konnten gerettet werden.

Here is more great news to share.

An illegal dog slaughterhouse that was located in a remote location near the town of Shenzhen in Guangdong, China, was exposed by Chinese animal activists. The activists collected evidence and called the local police and media. All of the dogs (about 90) were rescued. Shengzhen is China’s first — and one of the most successful — Special Economic Zones. These regions are modernized and city officials are generally more willing to enforce laws and work with activists. The cities in these areas are presented as models that other less developed areas can follow. In this particular rescue, there are still a few legal issues that need to be resolved. Stay tuned for more information.

schöne Aktion von chin.Tierschützern

Junge Chinesen produzieren diese Mousepads,die man bei Tao-Bao (wie eBay)kaufen kann.

10 % des Erlöses gehen an lokale Tierheime.

Viele junge Chinesen sind völlig anders als die Älteren.

Sie lieben Tiere genauso wie wir.

Und sie sind die Hoffnung,daß der Hunde-und Katzenfleischhandel in China und ganz Asien irgendwann beendet sein wird.


A few weeks ago some young Chinese animal activists designed a line of mouse pads. They put them on the tao-bao (like eBay) and plan to donate 10% of the proceeds to a local animal shelter. We share with you two examples.

As we have stated before, the young Chinese generation is totally different from their elders: they love animals as much as we do. With the support of so many kind and caring people all over the world, we are more hopeful than ever that the dog and cat meat trade in China (and throughout Asia) will be stopped.


Remember our post about this bloody street in FoShan city, Guangdong?


After local animal activists‘ tireless efforts and coverage by over 30 different media outlets, all the dog and cat meat vendors were forced to close down! It’s a clean and pretty street now. (last photo)

The former street market had been around for 10 years!!

The success of taking down these vendors show two things:

1) The young generation is determined to take on this fight. Most of the media people are young and in their 30’s. As we stated before, they were born under Chinese „one child policy“ so they grew up with pets, and because they don’t have any siblings, they love animals much more than the older generation.

2) If local officials are doing their jobs, the dog meat trade in Guangdong can be completely closed down. So let’s keep sending our requests to California Governor Brown and ask his office to urge the Guangdong Governor to request his people to do their jobs – so California can be a sister state with an animal friendly Province.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Gov. Jerry Brown to Help Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in China!


Today, a video is unleashed and it’s the first campaign in our attack against the „Yulin Dog Meat Festival“ in 2015.
The PSA was produced and directed by our friend, Sky Valencia, the founder of St Martin’s Animal Foundation (http://www.stmartinsrescue.org/.) We would like to use this PSA to educate as many people as possible about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival . Please share the video with your friends.

Taking down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival will be a huge blow to the dog meat trade in China. Together, we can accomplish this goal.

Join us in stopping the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China! #EndDogMeat

Another update.

The Quinhuangdao rescued dogs are finally having a good night sleep after being frightened during their long, arduous journey. The wonderful volunteers have organized shifts to take care of the traumatized animals. This young volunteer is getting off his shift after a long night. A big thanks to all these activists.

Ein weiteres Update.

Die Quinhuangdao geretteten Hunde haben schließlich eine gute Nacht schlafen, nachdem während der langen, beschwerlichen Reise erschreckt wird. Die wunderbaren Freiwilligen organisiert Schichten um die traumatisierten Tiere kümmern. Dieser junge Freiwillige haben wir nach einer langen Nacht aus seiner Schicht bekommt. Ein großes Dankeschön an alle die Aktivisten.

Some Great News to Share.

As activists suspected, the dog truck owner could not provide any documentation on how he obtained the dogs. The dogs have been released to the activists. The young activists worked all day and night to process the dogs and get them to a temporary shelter.
One of the front line activists told me that they wanted to make sure that the150 dogs are spayed, neutered, before being sent to a permanent home, but they worried about the funding. Thanks to support from you, I gave him the go ahead. Duo Duo will give them all the support on this spaying project. We will post more photos and describe the status of the dogs over the next few days.
Please keep supporting our campaigns (http://duoduoproject.org/…/take-action-contact-gov-jerry-b…/)
and join us for our rally on February 19, 2015.(http://duoduoproject.org/…/global-rally-to-end-chinas-dog-…/)


Einige tolle Neuigkeiten zu teilen.

Als Aktivisten vermutet könnte der Hundebesitzer LKW nicht bieten keine Dokumentation auf wie er die Hunde erhielt. Die Hunde haben die Aktivisten veröffentlicht. Die jungen Aktivisten daran gearbeitet, alle Tag und Nacht verarbeiten die Hunde und bringt sie auf eine vorübergehende Unterkunft.
Einer der Frontlinie Aktivisten sagte mir, sie sicherstellen wollten, dass the150 Hunde kastriert sind, kastriert, bevor Sie gesendet werden, um ein dauerhaftes Zuhause, aber sie machen sich über die Finanzierung sorgen. Dank der Unterstützung von dir, ich gab ihm gehe voran. Duo Duo wird ihnen die Unterstützung an diesem veteinar Projekt geben. Wir stellen Sie weitere Fotos und den Status der Hunde in den nächsten Tagen zu beschreiben.
Bitte unterstützen unsere Kampagnen (http://duoduoproject.org/blog/2014/11/take-action-contact-gov-jerry-brown-help-stop-dog-cat-meat-trade-china/) und begleiten Sie uns auf unserer Kundgebung am 19. Februar 2015.(http://duoduoproject.org/blog/2015/01/global-rally-to-end-chinas-dog-and-cat-meat-trade/)

New Updates.

The dog truck that was stopped in Qinhuangdao was moved to a new location and the dog meat truck owner has to provide paperwork that he owns all of the dogs and all the dogs have had all the required shots. The dogs have to be quarantined for 21 days until he can provide these information, although activists have stated that these dogs have been obtained illegally.
After a long negotiation, about half an hour ago, the police agreed to let sick dogs be taken to a vet. Dogs that can be claimed by their real owners will also be released. As of now, three dogs were released. There are still about 150 left. We will keep you updated on new developments.


Neue Updates.

Der Hund-Truck, der in Qinhuangdao beendet war wurde an einen neuen Speicherort verschoben und der Hund Fleisch Lkw-Besitzer hat Papierkram vorzusehen, daß ihm gehört, dass alle Hunde und alle Hunde hatten die erforderlichen Aufnahmen. Die Hunde müssen für 21 Tage, bis er diese Informationen bereitzustellen, kann isoliert werden, obwohl die Aktivisten haben erklärt, dass diese Hunde illegal erworben wurden.
Nach langen Verhandlungen vereinbart etwa eine halbe Stunde vor der Polizei, kranke Hunde zu einem Tierarzt genommen werden zu lassen. Hunde, die von ihren wirklichen Eigentümer geltend gemacht werden können werden auch freigegeben werden. Ab sofort wurden drei Hunde freigelassen. Gibt es noch etwa 150 Links. Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden über neue Entwicklungen.


Yesterday, Chinese animal activists stopped a truck that was loaded with over 100 dogs near Qinhuangdao (秦皇岛), outside of Beijing. Activists took turns watching the blocked truck so that the drivers would not try to take the dogs away. Some of the activists covered the trunk with blankets to protect the dogs from bitter cold.

The last time they stopped a truck in this city, it took more than 20 days to get the dogs released from the city. Like last time, the city officials were biased toward the dog thieves. Five activists were arrested for interrupting traffic. One animal activist lawyer and other passionate volunteers have been working tirelessly on this dramatic case. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Please come to join our rally on Feb. 19, 2015 to show our support to those brave Chinese animal activists.


Chinesische Tierschützer haben gestern einen LKW in der Nähe von Qinhuangdao (秦皇岛), außerhalb Beijing , gestoppt,der über 100 Hunde geladen hatte.
Die Aktivisten blockierten den Truck,damit der Fahrer nicht wegfahren konnte.
Die Tierschützer bedeckten die Käfige teilweise mit Decken,um die Tiere vor der eisigen Kälte zu schützen.
Die letzte Belagerung eines Hundetransporters dauerte 20 Tage.Dann erst entschieden die Behörden,daß die Tiere in die Obhut der Tierschützer gehen.

Die Polizei ist nicht gerade auf Seiten der Tierschützer.

5 Aktivisten wurden festgenommen,wegen Behinderung des Straßenverkehrs.

Ein Anwalt versucht zu vermitteln.


Here is some good news to share. The events started to unfold in Luzhou in a similar way to the disappointing Zhengzhou situation, but this time there was a happy ending. The operation began as activists gathered to close an illegal slaughterhouse that was located between two major cities, Chengdu and Chongqing. This time, local authorities agreed that an illegal activity was taking place and decided to enforce the laws, unlike the Zhegnzhou case. Within hours, over 1000 dogs were released to the activists and were moved to a nearby shelter. Dogs in these photos are the lucky ones and now in the good hands.

We want to point out though that China is a big country so there are many unexposed illegal dog slaughter houses like this.
We, Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project, are trying to prod local authorities into enforcing their own laws by exposing the brutality in the trade and the public health risk through negative media coverage, and international pressure. On the last front, many of you have asked us what you can do if one does live in China. We believe our campaign to „End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Guangdong, China“ is a very effective strategy to send a message to Guangdong officials to close down their illegal slaughterhouses and restaurants (which is responsible for 40% of the dog meat consumption and 70% of cat meat consumption in China). http://duoduoproject.org/…/take-action-contact-gov-jerry-b…/

Please also join our global rally on February 19, 2015, which is a few weeks before the the National People’s Congress (NPC), the supreme organ of state power in China, convenes for its annual session (3/2 – 3/7/2015) takes place. During that session, representatives gather to discuss bills that are submitted for evaluation. A strong message needs to be sent from overseas to show international support for Chinese animal activists and for the enforcement and passage of companion animal protection laws.