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We are a non profit animal rescue organisation located in Baicheng, northern China. Our work is driven by a passionate and dedicated love for alll animals. We never descriminate on the basis of health, age or breed and promote compassion and love for all beings.

We remove animals from danger and provide them with much needed  love, veterinary care and sanctuary. Most of our beautiful residents are dogs rescued from slaughterhouses, meat markets and local butchers but over the past 12 months we have also saved cats, sheep, camels, foxes, horses and donkeys from being slaughtered for their meat or skin.


Wer chinesische Aktivisten unterstützen will, kann das hier gerne machen.
Das Tierheim nimmt regelmäßig befreite Hunde aus dem Schlachthof auf und vermittelt sie in liebevolle Hände.
Einige Videos von ihrer Befreiung sind nur sehr schwer zu ertragen. Umso schöner sind die Bilder dann von den Tieren im Tierheim, wo sie liebevoll umsorgt werden.

Rescued from the dog meat slaughterhouses and dog meat markets in jilin province..these dogs are enjoying a day with the swimming pool at the shelter.Some dogs especially the Huskies was in the water straight away where as others were not sure about going in , the dogs was also given treats.The weather is hot now so the water activities are something that will give the dogs more enjoyment throughout summer.Tomorrow we are going to buy toys from the pet shop in the morning for both the dogs and for inside the fox enclosure.Anyone who would like to make a contribution we would be very gratefulwebsite: www.plushbearsshelter.orgPayPal option: Email: Plushbearrescue@gmail.comGFM Option:

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