Join Us in Rescuing Hundreds of Animals in 2018


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As the year ends, the beginning of a stronger Open Rescue Network begins, and every contribution to DxE will be doubled by a generous matching donor.

In 2017, DxE led over a dozen investigations and saved dozens of animals from brutal abuse. Animals like Lily, a baby pig who was too weak to stand when I found her lying at the bottom of a farrowing crate.

But each of our rescues doesn’t just save a life. Our rescue stories spread across the world, and inspire people to change.

We’ve been covered in The New York Times, by Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald, and by media outlets across the world. We’ve convinced movers and shakers in industry and in government to shut down animal abusing farms and speak for animal rights. And we’ve taken legal action against corporate abusers like Diestel, a turkey giant that falsely marketed its birds as “free range”

But in 2018, we have an even bigger vision: training dozens of new leaders to rescue hundreds of animals from a lifetime of abuse, and share their stories with world.

Imagine dozens of investigations and rescues shaking the foundations of Big Ag. Imagine hundreds of activists walking into animal abusing facilities and walking out with the animals. Imagine a true grassroots political movement for animals lighting up in key cities across the world. This vision is within our reach.

But we need you to be part of the team, as we take the movement for animal rights to a new level. By offering a year-end gift to our supporting 501(c)(3), you’re ensuring that DxE activists (and the animals we save) are prepared for the challenges to come.

All the funds that you give will go towards:

Animal Care: Provide care for sick and injured animals, pay their vet bills, and provide them safe homes to live in.
Investigator Fellowships: Our Open Rescue Network is only as successful as its investigative leaders. Help us support more fellows, so they can train rescue activists to go out into the field.
Education and Media: Our powerful community building and media efforts have empowered hundreds of new activists across the world, and given them tools they’ve never had before, e.g. virtual reality footage inside factory farms.

The year 2017 was an incredible year for DxE. But with your help, we will make 2018 even better and multiply the stories of animals like Lily 100-fold.