GOOD NEWS: Banning all slaughterhouses in Changchun slaughter is just around the corner..


GOOD NEWS!!!..YESTERDAY, the evening of December 19, Animal Health Organisations were part of „TV in Politics“
Changchun has been a HELL HOLE for many years..All the large slaughterhouses are concentrated here..Certain slaughter houses were reported as killing 200,000 dogs per year in and around this area
GOOD NEWS: Banning all slaughterhouses in Changchun slaughter is just around the corner.. The local animal rescuers have long been limited to „buying a dog in the form of rescue“, but fortunately for many years, many Chinese animal health organizations and activists have not given up, and their efforts are finally paying off..Many letters and Reports have been submitted for this Meeting..(In 2011 Footage was given to authorities at the Nongan Animal Health Bureau (AHB) in Northern China, they forced the closure of two slaughterhouses: Zhao Zhiyong and Wangyajun. The Zhao Zhiyong slaughterhouse alone was killing an estimated 200,000 dogs per year.(This footage mentioned above was supplied by LCA..Undercover)
YESTERDAY, the evening of December 19, Animal Health Organisations in the continuous efforts of the concern of the community and the people’s expectations, Changchun City, the third phase of „TV in Politics“ broadcast activities in Changchun Radio and Television . Changchun City Food and Drug Administration, Changchun Municipal Animal Husbandry Bureau and some urban areas, the development zone of comrades consisting of a total of seven people came into the studio to accept the questioning . The day’s TV politics from the „how to let the public know,“ the topic began, the second half into food safety issues, „not speaking on or about the security“ has always been the focus of social concern,It is NOW the focus of government governance. In the short film, people see that the quarantine of meat directly into the market,including the black processing point … …
In more than two hours of time, with the advancement of the activities of the problem gradually deepening. NPC deputies, CPPCC members, representatives of the masses around the short film to reflect the situation, to be asked to throw a sharp political question, was asked one by one their comrades response , and made a COMMITTMENT TO RECTIFICATION. Changchun Bureau of Animal Husbandry, Changchun, deputy director of food and drug inspection, green park district, on the street slaughtering, slaughtering that attitude, then we continue to focus on the abolition of Changchun slaughterhouse.. The good news is just around the corner!
Legislation to end the dog and cat meat trade has been proposed by National People’s Congress Deputy Zheng Xiaohe, and almost 9 million Chinese citizens have voiced their opinion online in support of the legislation.

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