Protest in China gegen das Schlachten der Hunde


Protest in China gegen das Schlachten der Hunde auf einem berüchtigten Hundemarkt.
Diese Aktivisten werden nie mehr schweigen, bis die Regierung einlenkt und endlich ein Tierschutzgesetz beschließt.

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Enough Is Enough! A Protest Broke Out against Public Dog Slaughter in Luohe, China
August 14, Luohe, Henan. 20 activists could not take it any more. They converged at the notorious dog slaughter market at an open market calling for the dog meat traders to stop public slaughter and the government to crack down on the open brutality that also hurts and brutalizes the city’s young people. The activists will continue to stage protest there until the open slaughter operation was shut down. They will also submit a petition to the local government for law enforcement against the market on account of public morality, child protection, environmental protection, and food safety.