Hunde von SOS Dogs Romania suchen ein Zuhause


Hier sind nur ein paar Beispiele angegeben von den Hunden die ein Zuhause suchen.

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Would you like to adopt a dog? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got so many rescue dogs waiting for a new family. Could you rehome a rescue animal to give them a second chance?

Adopt a dog from us

Ana-Maria rescued more than 200 stray dogs. You could offer a home to an animal who really needs one. Every animal adopted from us will already be microchipped, vaccinated and spayed/neutered.
We sent dogs to Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and UK.

If you are looking to adopt a dog we have a wide variety of dogs that are seeking new loving homes. We ensure that all of our dogs are spayed or neutered and that they are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and a have passport ready to travel.

Ana-Maria takes care of all the process involved in transporting our rescue dogs to Europe. You choose a dog from the posts for adoption. When making an enquiry, Ana-Maria will need your home address/phone number and sign the adoption application form she send you. We’ll d a home check. Upon acceptance of your application for adoption, she’ll make arrangements  for the dog to travel once the payment is made.

We need to be updated with the dog(s) how he/she is doing/setting in at your home. Please send us photos of the dog(s) weekly in the first month.

Fee for dogs 350 euro inclusive 100 euro transport costs.

Contact Ana-Maria at:


Balu is a 2,5 month old puppy mix.

He is one of Bubulina’s puppies. Balu has a very loving nature and wants to cuddle and play all the time. He is a very active dog with a clean bill of health. His vaccinations are up to date and he has not yet been spayed. Please send us a message if you can give Balu a forever home!


Harry is one of Bubulina’s puppies.

This sweet puppy is absolutely adorable. He loves to play with other puppies. He likes being stroked and hugged. He is vaccinated, but has not been spayed yet.  If you are interested in adopting Harry please contact us.




Bonnie is a gorgeous 1 year old mix breed.

She is very loving and would make a wonderful companion who would enjoy walking, hiking, swimming, and whatever fun you have in store for her! She is 45 cm. Bonnie is staying at a foster family in Romania.
She is good with children and other dogs.
She’s micro-chipped, dewormed, spayed, vaccinated and has a passport ready to travel to her new family.


Chantal is a beautiful 3 month old mix puppy.

She is a sweet girl. She was rescued by our foundation. She just want to play. She will reach medium size when she’s grown up. We would like owners who are not gone all day and can devote lots of time and attention to Bonnie. She’s current on shots, dewormed and vaccinated but not yet microchipped or spayed.


Cherry is a 3,5 month female puppy.

She is gentle, cheerful, playful and has a lot of energy. She is vaccinated, but has not been spayed yet. She will be around 50 cm when fully grown. She is good with cats, other dogs and children. Please contact us when you want to adopt Cherry.


Felicia is a 2 years old female dog.

Felicia is a very sweet dog. She has been treated for mange. She is still recovering from mange. She is vet checked, vaccinated and dewormed. She’s a bit shy towards other dogs and humans. She needs a loving home who will be patient with her. Can you give Felicia a loving forever home?



Hanna is a one year old Pekingese mix. She was found by Ana-Maria in a pasture in Romania.

Hanna is vet checked and is a healthy dog. She loves attention and likes to sit on your lap to be cuddled. Hanna likes to go hiking and walks well on a leash. She is good with other dogs, males and females, and very kind to children. Hanna is spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped and has a passport. Hanna is placed in a foster care in Germany. Who gives her a forever home?


Our beautiful Mogli is Julio’s brother.

He is a 4 months old puppy mix. He is fully vaccinated, dewormed, micro chipped and vet checked. He is a very active dog and loves to play. Please give Mogli a home.


Sammy is a beautiful 3 month old male mix puppy.

Sammy is the best dog! He is young, fabulous, loving, easy and friendly boy to people and dogs! He is so handsome. He is current on shots, dewormed and vaccinated but not yet microchipped or neutered.


Sansa is Bubulina’s adorable puppie.

She is the sister of Balu, Harry, Mickey and Kleo. Sansa is 2,5 moths, vaccinated and dewormed. She is very playful, goofy and charming. She has not yet been spayed. She is very good with other dogs and kids. Please send us a message if you can give Sansa a forever home!



Sprinkle is an adorable puppy, just 9 months old.

This sweet pup is so cute, sweet and playful. She’s a baby looking for active fun life. We are not sure exactly what mixed breed she is but she is exceptional happy, sweet, loving and has the cutest expressions. She plays with the other dogs all day long. She is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl please contact us.


Our beautiful Ursa is a 3 years old female dog.

Ursa is vet checked, vaccinated and dewormed. She’s very shy and intimidated by humans but does not have any aggression or meanness in her. She needs a loving home who will be patient with her. Please consider to give Ursa a chance.