Great News from China!!!! Yulin Mayor Barred from a Beijing Event


Beijing, China, July 18, 2016. Animal lovers succeeded in stopping Yulin mayor from attending „China Summit of Cities of Wisdom“ to be held in Beijing end of this month. The news that Yulin Mayor Su Haitang was invited to the „Summit“ and would deliver a speech on Yulin’s accomplishment as a „city of wisdom“ caused a big stir in China. Animal people went ballistic learning of this ridiculous invitation. Led by the Beijing Mothers against Animal Cruelty and co-signed by more than 50 groups across mainland China, a petition was sent to Minister of the State Development and Reform Administration, the sponsor of this annual event, asking the organizer to cancel Mayor Su’s invitation and his speech at the event. On July 17, the activists were notified that the mayor’s invitation has been cancelled. Xu Yufeng, founder of the Beijing Mothers against Animal Cruelty, said Yulin is NO city of „wisdom“ and Yulin mayor is NOT qualified to speak since he has NOTHING pround to share with the conference. Yulin is a city where dogs and cats are brutally slaughtered and a city where bad eating habit was promoted as „culture.“ What „wisdom“ does the Yulin mayor have? This success serves to tell the entire country that animal cruelty is no small matter. Photos 1 to 5: Beijing Mothers against Animal Cruelty members protest in front of Yulin government office in Beijing;