Yulin – Hundefleisch-Festival in China – 21.-30.6.16


In Yulin werden in wenigen Tagen Tausende Hunde geschlachtet.

Prominente wie Matt Damon, Alicia Silverstone und Joaquin Phoenix fordern in einem ergreifenden Video das Ende des Yulin Hundefleisch-Festivals.

Bewegendes Video: Prominente kämpfen gegen „Hundefleisch-Festival“ – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Gequält, getötet, gehäutet: Tausende Hunde sterben auf dem „Hundefleisch-Festival“ in China einen grausamen Tod. Prominente wie Matt Damon…spiegel.de|Von SPIEGEL ONLINE, Hamburg, Germany

Tierquälerei und Haustier-Diebstahl: Die chinesische Stadt Yulin ist durch das Hundefleisch-Festival zu einer traurigen Berühmtheit gelangt.

Audio: Chinas Tierschützer kämpfen gegen das Hundefleisch-Festival von Yulin

www.ardmediathek.de|Von Deutschlandradio Kultur

Wird das chinesische Hundefleisch-Festival ‪#‎Yulin‬ bald verboten? Alle aktuellen Infos gibt es auf: www.ardmediathek.de/…/Chinesen-qu%C3%A4len…/Das-Erste/Video…

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Video „Chinesen quälen und töten wieder Tausende Hunde“ – BRISANT

Tausende Hunde in Käfigen, auf der Schlachtbank oder fertig zubereitet: In der chinesischen Stadt Yulin findet wieder das alljährliche…ardmediathek.de|Von Das Erste

Yulin Dog Meat Festival participants say activists have „ruined the mood.“ Good – now please shut this festival of horrors down!

China dog-meat eating festival in Yulin draws animal rights activists who „have ruined the mood“

Yulin, China infamous for gathering where thousands of dogs killed — often by beating — for food, but attitudes are changing


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Rescue Update:

The dogs in Guangzhou are finally situated. We relocated over two hundred fifty dogs to different safe houses to alleviate the pressure at the Tree of Life, and to make the environment at each location manageable.

Out of a thousand plus dogs, we lost about fifty lives. For the survivors – these are dogs that should not be alive. Dogs that would have been hung. Dogs that would have had their insides cut. Dogs that would be only blood.

At our two Animal Hope and Wellness facilities in Nanning, we have about 200 dogs. In Guangzhou at our newest Animal Hope and Wellness center, we have 106.

A hundred dogs are with a local rescue in Guangzhou that we are supporting medically. At Gaoyao, spread amongst different shelters – 300. HSI has 120. And at the Tree of Life, they have about 150 (a much more manageable number).

As soon as these dogs are healthy enough and ready to fly, we will be sending them across that divide to a place where they will live their lives having rights.

And will never have to fear, a life lost some place to torture.

(Special thanks to Jeffery Beri, who was instrumental in setting up our shelter and support systems. And to the locals – who came out to assist these dogs in their time of need, thank you.

It is truly amazing to see the other side of China. The side that cares. The side that loves animals. The side, that reminds me of who I am.

And where we all come from.)

Maomao’s Movement 毛毛的運動 hat 4 neue Fotos hinzugefügt.23. Juni um 04:26 ·

This year The Tree of Life for the second year running assisted along with Activists last night and yesterday in the rescue of 1,200 dogs..They are still in need of URGENT SUPPLIES for this rescue..PLEASE ONCE AGAIN SHARE TWEET INSTAGRAM..ALL RELEVANT CONTACT DETAILS AND PHONE NUMBERS ARE BELOW..PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHARE
The rescued dogs needed treatment Anyang, everyone has given loving support! ‪#‎maomaosmovementonfb‬
First: Dog Food (accept the donor)
Second: vaccines, medical drugs (according to the experience of the past year need to prepare in advance medicines: Ceftriaxone, gentamicin, amikacin, flex, a nitro sulfadiazine, Azithromycin, ampicillin xilin sodium , Aciclovir, reglan, famotidine, dexamethasone, b. Victoria C, amino acids, COA. Creatinine, ringer, sodium chloride, glucose 5 %. 10 %. Canine Distemper Monoclonal Antibody, small monoclonal antibody, Serum, test cricket, syringe 1,2.5,5 ml)
Third: Recruitment of large number of volunteers, loving caring physician (according to the experience of the past year, the workload is great)
Fourth: Part-time veterinary: you may think this comparison difficult conditions in the city, not as convenient and comfortable, but also hope that you have a merciful heart, possibly in a month out within one week to come here for the dogs, lay the immunization Needle, care for the dog’s body. (in the context of the reasonable, could also be given a certain costs)
Volunteer Vet: you may normally rather busy, but also hope that you can have mercy heart, come here for a day or two, to help deal with the injured and sick dog, meet the resident vet. Happy sweeping yards can donations!
Veterinary supplies and mailing address: Guangdong Province Guangzhou Luogang District Town Dragon Town Wong Chuk Yuen Village ruins
Responsible for volunteers: Aunt Cai
Tel: 134-1804-2156,188-9842-3928
The Tree of life responsible for general volunteers: Liang Industry East, tel: 138-2843-0202, casual repost!

Maomao’s Movement 毛毛的運動 hat 9 neue Fotos hinzugefügt.23. Juni um 02:32 ·

All dogs have been unloaded and are safe..They are all having disinfectant baths..treatment from vets and food and water…2 lots of paperwork have been signed off by quarantine, , although having said that, they obviously dont have the paperwork or the dogs would not be unloaded and in the care of Activists..At this stage there is a total of 1,200 dogs saved by Activists and The Tree of Life Group..Will update again shortly and once again Huge thanks to all supporters who shared and tweeted this last night..you make our job so much more bearable.

More Good News on Rescued Yulin Dogs !…Courtesy post for HSI
Humane Society International (HSI) team and its China partner group activists brought three groups of dogs out of Yulin between June 16 and June 23 . This last group of 120 dogs were particularly pitiful: thirty, filthy, hungry, exhausted, and abused. Crammed in suffocating wire cages without room to even breathe comfortably, many of them had injuries all over their bodies. But, they survived the long-distance transport out of Yulin, out of Guangxi, and to a tempory facility maintained by HSI partner groups.Look at them now in the clean and bright shelter that is being remodeled for better care of these folks Our thanks go to our partner group activists and the vets who are helping these dogs around the o’clock. Thanks also go to all of YOU, Andrea Gung, Maureen Vint, Leslie Barcus and many more who have supported HSI and me personally. Rescue dogs out of the slaughterhouse is only the first step. Ensuring their care and welfare for the rest of the life is even more important
Plans are in the works for the adoption of these dogs by loving families in China, the U.S., Canada and U.K.

UPDATE: The 120 dogs HSI helped rescue from Yulin have arrived safe and sound at a temporary facility in central China, where they are receiving veterinary care. Once they’ve had time to recover, they’ll be moved to a permanent shelter and put up for adoption in China and overseas.

Meanwhile, we have been asked to assist with the transport and accommodation of another 80 dogs from Yulin, and we’re working with our partner groups to find appropriate sheltering and care for these dogs.

Humane Society International hat 6 neue Fotos hinzugefügt.22. Juni um 19:34 ·

UPDATE: HSI and our Chinese partner groups helped to rescue many hundreds of dogs from slaughter trucks in the weeks leading up to Yulin, and we rescued 54 dogs and cats in the last couple of days before Yulin. In the final 24 hours of the festival, we were also asked by Marc Ching to help with some of the dogs that he had rescued. We met with Marc in Yulin and have taken on the care of an additional 120 dogs, many sick or injured. They will all receive good veterinary care. There are several Chinese groups assisting, but we have made ourselves available to help Marc with more dogs if he needs us. We remain in regular contact with Marc.

We may also be taking on more dogs from Yulin, because we have been asked for help by two of our Chinese partner groups, so watch this space for updates and pictures. The 54 dogs and cats from our first rescue are doing well, the 120 dogs will take longer to heal. But thanks to our supporters‘ generosity they will all now receive the love and care they need. Once we have all of them back on their paws, we will decide which ones can be put up for adoption, and whether that will be in China or further afield. We will keep you guys updated on those plans!