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The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused solely on rescuing abused and neglected animals. We rescue them, provide full rehabilitation services, and then work to find them their fur-ever families.

What makes us different from other rescues is that the animals we take in are not only shelter animals or strays. They are animals that have been beaten, kicked, shot, run over, used for gang initiations and have been waiting for the day that someone would come to save them.

Our other focus has recently been on rescuing dogs from the Asian Dog Meat Trade. From the slaughterhouses and torture chambers where the use of cruel and barbaric methods are practiced to kill dogs in order for their meat to taste better.

Our rescue is built into The PetStaurant, a natural food wellness company owned and operated by Nutritionist and Herbalist Marc Ching. Our organization is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, so all donations are fully tax deductible. Thank you for your help and support.

Rescued last night from a slaughterhouse on the edge of Yulin. These dogs were being clubbed in the face, and skinned alive right in front us.

In the end we made the decision to save them. To spare the surviving – the fate of having to die from torture.

The transport just arrived at our shelter in Changsha. These dogs are in critical condition, and need support in order to stay alive. For those who are pro life, and disgusted with what happens in Yulin – this is a chance to give back.

A chance to help the victims.

All dogs are off the truck. Over forty cages have been opened, with the dogs being released into the Yulin quarantine building.

Our internet connection cut the feed to the live steam.

These dogs are being released into quarantine park 1. Dogs are being scanned for microchips. Four already have been found.

We are going to take the data, file each case with the police as well as the government – possession of stolen property. We will also work on getting each dog back to their family.…

Rescue Update:

The dogs in Guangzhou are finally situated. We relocated over two hundred fifty dogs to different safe houses to alleviate the pressure at the Tree of Life, and to make the environment at each location manageable.

Out of a thousand plus dogs, we lost about fifty lives. For the survivors – these are dogs that should not be alive. Dogs that would have been hung. Dogs that would have had their insides cut. Dogs that would be only blood.

At our two Animal Hope and Wellness facilities in Nanning, we have about 200 dogs. In Guangzhou at our newest Animal Hope and Wellness center, we have 106.

A hundred dogs are with a local rescue in Guangzhou that we are supporting medically. At Gaoyao, spread amongst different shelters – 300. HSI has 120. And at the Tree of Life, they have about 150 (a much more manageable number).

As soon as these dogs are healthy enough and ready to fly, we will be sending them across that divide to a place where they will live their lives having rights.

And will never have to fear, a life lost some place to torture.

(Special thanks to Jeffery Beri, who was instrumental in setting up our shelter and support systems. And to the locals – who came out to assist these dogs in their time of need, thank you.

It is truly amazing to see the other side of China. The side that cares. The side that loves animals. The side, that reminds me of who I am.

And where we all come from.)

This is live. This is now: The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, and The Tree of Life – we just rescued over 1000 dogs from Yulin.

A thousand breaths that would die here in the dark. A thousand lives that would bleed like blood left there upon ground.

These dogs, they are brothers. They are sisters. They are fathers and mothers. They are children. They deserve a chance.

All life deserves chance.

The Compassion Project. If it is about one thing, it is about that as human beings, we were meant to love. We were meant to breathe life. We were meant to be – better then who we are.

Speak out. Hold hands. Love the Earth. And rescue. Because in the end, even we need rescuing.

(Thank you Tree Of Life for teaming with us to make this possible. Thank you XiaoFang and our Nanning team for your hard and enduring work.

Thank you to our Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation volunteers. Real people that left their families – to stand here and sacrifice for the cause.


People dreamed about this. People signed petitions and protested. People wrote their congressman and government. People filled the streets and stood in unison.

Well that dream, it is becoming reality. We have shut down six slaughterhouses, have five pending, and are on our way to visit a dozen more.

To those that thought it was impossible – it is becoming possible. For people who cried and screamed into the night, hope remains.

The reality of shutting down a festival where 10,000 dogs die, is that you have thousands of lives that need rescue.

We cannot do this alone. I have till tomorrow to save the lives that need saving. The world wanted the festival to end, and we are here trying to end it.

We need local rescues to step in. I can take 100 dogs, maybe 200. But that is all. Literally we have the smallest foundation on Earth. It is just me and my director Valarie Ianniello. There are groups that are a hundred times greater then we. There are hundreds of organizations that petitioned and stood out in protest.

This is the time. Do not desert the cause you asked the world to defend. Do not leave us here by ourselves. Do not abandon the mission.

Note: For those that want to help rescue these dogs and shutdown Yulin, please donate.