Hunde von Stray Animal Rescue suchen ein Zuhause


Hier sind nur ein paar Beispiele angegeben von den Hunden die ein Zuhause suchen.

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If you want to adopt a dog, and you decided already on a specific one please mail us on

 The adoption procedure has a few simple steps:

Once you decide on a dog and mail us, we will ask you to complete a self disclosure, a small online interview

The second step is to arrange a interview, a homevisit in order to discuss all the obstacles , obligations, information you might need to know about before you adopt a baby. Also the coordinator of the interview is able to establish if you are suitable for the baby you chose, and if the baby can live in the environment.

The final step is to sign the adoption contract, afterwhich we arrange a perfect transport so the dog can get to you.

 All our dogs are completely vaccined, microciped, have an European passpoart, they are neutered if they are adults, and also, according to the new Romanian law, they will come with a complete set of tests concerning multiple illnesses, diseases, parasites.

The dogs have :

Distemper vaccine, parvo vaccination, hepathathis, parainfluence, leptospirosis, rabies vaccination, and at request kennel cough vaccine- which is made extra another tax.

The tests that re being made are : dirofilaria, anaplasma, leischmania, borelia, erchlichia, giardia, complete set of hemolocogram test.

Every dog can be adopted if these steps are completed. Also the adoption fee includes all the vaccines, papers, and tests presented above + transport to the adopter.

According to the transport and testing, the adoption differs from 250 euro to 400 euro- depending on the country where the baby is adopted.

For Germany, Austria, Belgium,Netherland, Switzerland the dogs can travel by car or plaine.

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This sweet loving and caring boy, MARLEY waits for a home for 400 days..and it does not get easier each gets harder:( The need to be loved, cared for, the need for a gets harder, it gets more painfull..he is a gorgeous boy, 13 months, neutered, vaccined, ready to go home..i would say big size, he is about 25 -28 kg..and such a gentle soul..full of life, energy, playfull, loving..please, just give him a chance to go home

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Bild könnte enthalten: Hund

Su is fantastic ! She is a fantastic gorgeous little girl, of 5 months old, very very kind, and intelligent, in urgent need of a home ! She will probably be middle size, she is vaccined, chipped, soon to be spayed, and ready to come home, to live a beautiful fulfilled life
Who can help SU give her a dream home and a dream family? She will bring much joy to the house