ERFOLG ….. Las Vegas hat in 100 US-Städten den Verkauf von Welpen in Einzelhandelsunternehmen verboten und beendet den Import aus „Welpenfabriken“


Das neue Gesetz erlaubt Zoohandlungen nur Hunde, Katzen und Hängebauchschweine aus Tierheimen oder örtlichen Rettungen zu verkaufen bzw. zu vermitteln ……

Today, Las Vegas joined over 100 U.S. cities in banning the sale of puppies in a retail establishment, effectively ending the importing of puppy mill puppies. The new law only allows pet stores to sell dogs, cats and pot-bellied pigs that have been provided by an animal shelter or local rescue. Not only will this keep hundreds of puppies from being shipped in from out-of-state, but it also encourages current puppy stores to market shelter pets.

No Kill Las Vegas NKLV attended the meeting and spoke up for this monumental ordinance. Of course, it was not just us, the room was packed with elected officials, rescue groups, other advocacy groups and our friends. We spoke up for the voiceless mothers who are forced into a life of birthing slavery, never to know what human companionship, green grass or the warm sun feels like.

To say the vote was close is an understatement. As the council members began to express how they were going to vote it became apparent we only had three votes, when we needed four. Some supporters left in disgust, seeing the inevitable to come. The „No“ votes were being organized by Mayor Goodman, and once she felt like she had Councilwoman Tarkanian as her 4th vote she bullied her to stop asking questions and asked for the voting to begin. As the members began voting Tarkanian held her head in consternation. Everyone was waiting on her when she finally put her hands down and said she could not vote. A tie would have been the same as a loss. Then she said she felt like 1 year was not enough time for the current puppy stores to transition into pet supply stores. An offer of two years was given and she agreed to switch her vote to yes! The audience screamed out in joy as the official vote came up on the monitor.

We want to thank Council members Tarkanian, and Anthony for their votes, but especially Councilmen Coffin and Beers who championed this ordinance. Mayor Goodman was once again a huge disappointment on another animal issue. Last year she sided with The Animal Foundation when the community wanted change, and today she sided with the Missouri Puppy Mills when her constituents came out strong against them.

The next step is to pass this same ordinance in the other local municipalities. We don’t want pet stores to simply move to the other side of the county and continue their same practices.

I should also add, The Animal Foundation came out and supported the ban as well