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Kathy Freston, LCA Vegan of the Year.

LCA is proud to name Kathy Freston as Vegan of the Year for 2016!

Finally, the Yulin government has pledged to work toward stopping the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! Words are not actions, but this is great progress coming from a government who not long ago denied the festival even exists.
Your voices are being heard!

Progress in Yulin, China! Government Pledges Action to Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival

For the first time, the government of Yulin, China has pledged to take action to stop the barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival, where 10,000 dogs are ruthlessly…

Wonderful Kim Basinger adds her voice to campaign against ‪#‎dogmeattrade‬ – another 2 dog slaughterhouses are exposed & shut down in China – Thank you Last Chance for Animals (LCA)