(KUH) – Milchkonsum ist o.k. für dich? das hier dann auch? Erkenne die Zusammenhänge…


The media won’t tell you the truth…..

For cows to produce milk, they have to give birth to a calf every year. Most calves are separated from their mother within twelve hours of birth to reduce the risk of disease, and most do not stay on the farm for long.

The term ‘bobby calves’ refers to newborn calves that are less than 30 days old and not with their mothers. Essentially, they are surplus to dairy industry requirements as they are not required for the milking herd. This applies to all bull calves (males) and around three quarters of heifer calves (females). Each year, around 400,000 of these bobby calves are destined for slaughter…….

HAPPY COWS! THE LIE CAMPAIGN! Don’t buy the lie of a happy cow sales BS! Know the difference between reality and fantasy…….THINK! IT IS THE TIME…..it isn’t illegal yet

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