Song for Bentley



Scary sounds in the hospital today. It must be so terrifying for him to not be able to see what’s making those noises. I try to sing to drown it out but I can’t without crying. I just want him home so badly. Leaving him there is getting harder every day. Today is a hard day.

Back story:
Bentley is my rescued nine month old pot-bellied pig and resident of EARTH Animal Sanctuary. On February 23 a seizure left him in a state of shock and the hospital diagnosed him with very rare bacterial meningitis, which can be fatal. He was given a ten percent chance to live. I refused to give up on him, and he beat all the odds. His fighting spirit got him through the meningitis, which left him blind. He is still in the hospital and had what we hope to be his final surgery yesterday. He did beautifully in surgery and as soon as his wounds heal and his hospital bill is paid he can finally come home to his family. Bentley teaches me every day to be strong and never to give up.