Rescued cat Cody helps nurse little goat Iker


In Spain a remarkable relationship has formed between a tiny and abused goat and a former street cat.

Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary says: Iker has made a good friend, Cody. Since they met he tries not to separate from him. He lies beside him, and gives him so many kisses Iker eventually shouts for us to take him away. Here you can see Iker letting Cody love him and Cody loving him to the bones. Perhaps aware of his state of health. He arrived very bad, with fever, dehydration, pain and what’s worst, he barely wants to eat. We are doing everything possible to get him ahead. Please send much strength!

Iker is a seven days old goatling, rescued with a broken leg after the farmer decided he was going to kill him as he wasn’t profitable. Cody is a cat that was born in the streets and suffering Feline Herpes Virus and Shunt disease. Both have been reborn at Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary.