The Real Price Of Dairy



Here in 1 minute 54 seconds we see the real price of dairy.. not graphic, just the heartbreaking truth.

Cows only produce milk because they’ve had a baby. Their milk is supposed to be for their calves, but in the dairy industry calves are considered ‚unwanted by-products‘.. When we drink cow’s milk we condemn an innocent calf to death and his or her mother to a life of slavery. The abuse and suffering that we inflict upon dairy cows is nothing short of appalling. The only reason a cow produces milk is to feed her calf… yet within hours of her giving birth her baby is taken away, leaving both the mother and her youngster desperate with grief and confusion… and all so that we can take the milk for ourselves. And the babies? Terrified, orphaned and alone, they face confinement and death to make veal, or a short, brutal life of slavery like their mother. Dairy cows who in nature would live beyond 25 years are shipped to the slaughterhouse, tired out and totally spent, emotionally and physically, at the age of four or five. By choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle we are rejecting this cruel practice and saying „Not in our name!“