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Guardians of The Voiceless is a Beautiful Camaraderie dedicated to End the Suffering of Voiceless, Poor and Needy. Located in Patiala, Punjab, India.


Rupi is with Guardians!

Rupi was rescued three days ago with a terrible wound infested with maggots. Unfortunately, he lost part of his ear, but we were able to save his life.

Guardians treated this sweet pup every day, we fed him and made sure he was on antibiotics. Sad to say even though his wound is free of infection, he is not healing properly.

Rupi is not gaining weight, and he is not going to be able to heal if he does not receive special attention. This sweet boy is in danger to die if we leave him behind. It is for sure we are not going to let that happen!

All his new friends welcomed Rupi! We strongly believe that on top of receiving the medical care he also needs lots of love and attention. He will be able to heal faster in a loving environment for sure!

Guardians needs your support; we also wish for you to share his story as he is going to need a forever home once he is all healed!

We are hoping that someone special opens their heart to this precious Indian pup! Please remember that he can be transported all over the world.

Send us an inbox if you are interested!
Thank you for being a Guardian with us!

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One Voice – Compassion For All

One child at a time, one animal at a time…
Our little Guardians are always ready to share their love with all our rescued voiceless beings. When we rescued Tipu from the road he was in terrible condition. Sadly he was attacked by several dogs, he was suffering alone for many hours. When we received the call about Tipu we immediately took action. We felt heart broken for this little boy. Tipu had a terrible wound on his neck, he could not move, due the injury his leg was also damage, he could not put any weight on his leg. Poor little boy, he had high fever and was very weak, we immediately put him on IV fluids and gave him proper medication. The sweetest thing about Tipu is that he never stops wagging his tail… Awww he is so incredibly loving. Now Tipu is in good hands, he is eating well and he is feeling much better. He likes to be held by our little Guardians, and of course listening to our little Rohit whistling helps! This pup is filled with love. And now we can share more wonderful news, our little Guardian Nisha will be fostering Tipu, she will take him home, she loves him, she will give him all the attention he needs. Nisha is Ajay’s little sister, he will help her to make sure Tipu has all he needs. Ajay in one of our team members. Nisha’s family has very little resources but they are always ready to help. They are a wonderful humble family. Tipu is on antibiotics and pain killers. We are hoping he will able to heal soon. Bless our little Guardians and all living beings in this earth.
Team members – Nisha, Janki, Rohit, Shubham and Bablu.
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Meet Kazu, one sweet soul in need of love

There are not enough words for us to express our gratitude to all the kind souls that come together to give a helping hand to the voiceless.

We received a call from Mr. Parminder who is a kind soul; he said that while repairing his car he spotted a dog on the middle of the road completely helpless.

After finishing with our treatment, we left right away to find the dog. When we arrived we felt completely broken, the poor dog was dying alone in agony.

Locals told us that they tied him to a pole so he could not scape. They also told us that they tried to feed him.

He was terrified and in pain, Kazu was in terrible condition, he had a massive infected wound on his private parts.

We untied him from the pole and started to examine him. What a terrible wound! We could not imagine the pain he was feeling.

The wound was infected and infested with maggots. We realized that this precious being could not be left back in the streets. We picked his fragile body and without hesitation we took him with us.

Once we arrived to our friend who keeps some of our rescue dogs we started to treat him; we noticed that his temperature was high. When we trimmed the hair around his wound we realized how terrible it was.

He was missing skin on his back and his testicles. We gave him painkillers to help ease his pain and started to treat his wound, we also gave him antibiotics as well.

We immediately started him on Iv Fluids; this poor dog was completely dehydrated. We were surprised he was alive. For one moment we though he was going to give up in life. Suddenly he lifted his little head and started to drink of water!

We felt relieved to see that this precious being was not ready to give up! What a gentle soul, he was for sure easy to be loved.

Even though we want to remind positive, this poor boy is terrible shape. We are praying that he survives; if he does not improve we will take him to the hospital right away. It is for sure that we wont give up on this precious being.

Poor Kazu he has a broken soul, he needs all the love and care he can get. We will try our best to make sure he feels all the love he deserves.

Please send prayers and support to Kazu, this precious boy needs all the love he can get! We will make sure to keep you updated.

Once again thank you for your love and support and for believing in us. It is for sure that it means the world to us!

Team members – Pankaj Camera man Sourav

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Guardians of the Voiceless One Voice – Compassion For All
Panjak Arora LuzMa Gomez Rajiv Mahajan

**Our Little Warriors are Spreading Compassion Through Action**.
We are creating a revolution!
Look how some of our little guardians NIsha, Janki, Yashika, Rohit, Gautam and Manav spend their time during their holidays. Because of your support these precious children belong to our education program. No more hard labor for our sweet angeles.
During their holidays they come running to us so we can take them to work, they love to heal animals with their little hands. What a wonderful way to spread compassion. Our educational program teaches children to get involved so they learn at a young age the importance of treating with love and compassion all voiceless beings. Even they are exposed to a lot of suffering at a very young age, they stay strong and focus because they love making a difference.
They do not fuss, complain or get scared even when the cases are very difficult. To watch their expressions during treatments is priceless. They do not care for video games or toys they are free to do as they wish and they choose to love and care for wounded animals.
A woman and her husband kindly came to us and asked us if we needed help, they invited us to have water and sweet things, and they also adopted one pup, they are angles in action. Awww it is happening, we are creating a revolution, we are all coming together to make a difference! Guardians will continue to do our best to create a beautiful place where we all can live peacefully with each other. We invite you to be a Guardian, help us support more children, they all need an opportunity to have a brighter future. Please help us spread this revolution of love and compassion. Remember to share and tag your friends also!
Guardians of the Voiceless
We are M.A.D – Making A Difference
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*Mickey is enjoying time with our little Guardians.
Look at our rescued little Mickey. She is growing fast and healthy, she has lots of love, we believe that your prayers helped her to heal also. She loves to run on her drag bag… Unfortunately Mickey has a broken spine due an accident, but is for sure that she still can wag her tail! When we found her she was suffering alone in the road, she had no hope. Now we are keeping her with us because we believe she deserves a chance to be loved. She had all examinations, including X-rays and her vaccinations are almost all done. Guardian’s is asking you for help, please share our video, this baby needs a forever home. Mickey is very sweet and has an amazing personality. We can’t provide the attention she needs since we are on the streets all day long. Send us message if you are interested or know someone who may want to adopt her. She can be transported in usa or any other country. Give this precious life a loving home, lets pray that someone in the world will be able to give her what she needs. Blessings to all living beings in this earth. Thank you for your support.

Team members: Rohit and Manav
Guardians of the Voiceless.

Our new precious little member!
Name: Durga Rani.
Age: Five years old
Guardians is committed spread compassion towards all beings. focusing as well in education, with this goals in mind we will create a brighter future for all. We have seven precious children under our care, now we will introduce you the story of our precious little new member.
While working in the streets we noticed this little girl observing us from a corner. We asked about her, her story touched our souls deeply. When Durga was very little her mother died. Her father took her with him to Delhi, they both were sleeping on the road as he was poor and have no home. Unfortunately Durga´s father had alcohol problems. One day he left Durga behind in our city and went back.
A kind woman living in complete poverty kept Durga with her. She lives in a small house and has no way to provide education. We felt it was our duty to help, we started to plan how to help this amazing little girl. We has decided to send her to school and offered her a normal life as a child. We feel blessed that her care taker allowed us to be part of her life. Now she will have the opportunity to have a brighter future and being part Guardians she will spread compassion as well. Now she will have a healthy childhood, no hard labor for her, no pain and hunger, she will be a happy and healthy little girl. Our herts are filled with joy, we are committed to transform children’s lives one child at a time. We will create a new revolution.We invite you to be part of our noble cause. Together we can make it happen!
Please remember to share and tag your friends. Thank you.
Guardians of the Voiceless LuzMa Gomez

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**Rohit’s healing hands making magic!
What a wonderful way to start our day!
This is one of the reasons we never give up. We have our little guardian Rohit that teach us a lesson every single day. This is Rohit’s little friend Peter that was ran by a car a while ago, little Peter could not walk at all, he was dragging his little fragile legs in pain. Every day Rohit spends all his free time with stray dogs, feeding them and making sure they are safe. After finishing with school work he starts working right away for the dogs, he runs to visit Peter. For over a month he spend two hours a day giving him massages and making him sure he got plenty of exercise. He spent hours daily.. Awww our Rohit never gave up. Rohit is our miracle little Guardian!! Peter is vaccinated and will be sterilized soon. Rohit is a very special boy who will conquer the world, he is truly making a difference and no one will ever stop him! He is our miracle maker!
Guardians of the Voiceless

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Guardians needs your support.
This is what we face every single day 24/7.
Look at our wonderful team of 12 guys and our little warriors wearing blue t shirts walking in the streets rescuing suffering souls. We get call after call. We have lots of work but we never get tired or give up because we are MAD (Making a difference). Passion keep us going. During the evening while treating a pup that has mange we received a call that one little pup was hit by a scooter, he was wounded and bleeding. We finished the first baby and rushed to get there. He is a tiny pup, he was so scared and hiding from everyone. We picked him up and immediately gave him painkillers, he was in so much pain. Guardians cleaned his wound and place a bandage on his injured leg. We gave him food and made him feel comfortable. Aww poor pups. One day we all together will finish with all this suffering. We invite you to be Guardian. Together we can be stronger. Blessings.
Guardians of the voiceless.

This is our wonderful family, our happy enjoying rescued babies and our dedicated team. Every day many work in our friend house in morning, to clean, feed, doing bandages and rest of team go in streets for emergency calls. Now we have such a balance team which work very hard every day, without any holiday. We bought five big cages, where many babies sleep inside safely on soft beds. We also have some really naughty pups who makes mess to young dogs and with us as well. lol. Awww this is what we dreamed to have our safe animals, a loving team and so much love around. See all babies are so happy because of your support. We will keep fight every day for these voiceless, we are spreading also this revolution with awareness and education. We are inviting you all comes together, lets makes this amazing cause so strong. Thank you so much for everything. Much Love to all. Guardians of the Voiceless.

Was für wunderbare Kids!!! So liebevoll und doch schon so ernst bei der Sache. Unglaublich berührend, wenn man sieht, dass gerade Kinder sich so einbringen

Here Is Winter and Christmas Holidays for our little warriors. As we are having around 30 dogs to look after in our friend house, we need army of team to work in streets, and also on this place. Every day We to our team member house and do our daily bandages, feeding, cleaning. Now our little brave boys got free from exams so spending time with our rescued dogs for medication and playing. We want them to learn compassion, kindness and then go like a fire and spread awareness. We are so blessed we are having very dedicated team working day and night every day. These children needs to be more motivated. These rescued babies needs more love and support. Let’s together make our world a peaceful loving place, where everyone care to each other. Send your support to Guardians of the Voiceless who fight for those who are voiceless and completely rely on us. Thank you so much. Have an amazing day to all.

No matter what how much hard circumstances we have, no matter how little sources we have, Team Guardians and little team Guardians always work hard. We have so much cold here and children’s are having holidays. But they are enjoying In the services of our voiceless precious beings. These are three pups going under medication. One Cream pup had big injury around neck, and we took out pus. He still not all healed but we are trying our best. second baby also had accident and ran over by car. Look a that the injury on his paw and leg. It was so painful when we found him. It will take time for his healing but our team keep visit there. He is having antibiotic, painkiller and bandages. He is healthy baby. The other one also had wound on his side but now has healed so much. These are our Future warriors doing hard work. They will spread more revolution on this earth. Keep send your support and blessings to Guardians of the Voiceless. Together we are strong and will keep making differences.Blessings. Guardians Of the Voiceless.

These are our many babies enjoying together in our small temporary shelter. We are having seven little pups we rescued from streets along with Misha and we have many others. Just want to let you know all all these babies having best dog food daily. We bought them beds and now ordered big cages so they can sit inside in winter. This is not enough we still have to cover this place so wind won’t hurt our babies. We need support for that. Our Paralyzed baby also gets daily exercise as we are hoping she will start walk one day. Other baby we rescued who got huge cut on chest doing awesome too. She had stiches on chest. Thank you millions to all to allowing us for this Nobel cause and giving us support. Together we will help many and many. Have an amazing day to all.

Today early morning one of our known guy who has pet shop called and informed that one very gentle dog had got accident and ran over by car, and he is laying outside his home and his both leg has got fractures. We said on phone we will be there in little. When we reached it really breaks our heart, because dog condition is similar like Tara. His Both front legs are not working and having big fractures. He was trying to stand up on his back leg’s. We had such a difficult situation. Our hands are completely full with rescued dogs, less space. But we called our friend and we decided to take him with us because he was going to die in street’s. After reached to our friend house where we are already keeping many rescued babies we given him first aid. He has big swelling on his legs also so much infected inside. He really need of us and so much care. Today is holiday and we will be taking him Hospital soon. We also noticed his temperature which was high, he got all medication. I will keep update about him. He looks fighter because he is still smiling though having pain. Please let us together pray and help this baby. Thank you so much. Guardians of the Voiceless.

Here is our all rescued happy dogs. They are all doing awesome. Balloo is getting all attentions due to his illness. It is amazing to see how they play with each other. Balloo’s vomiting has stopped but he still need more care and love. All these babies are getting daily a good food and medical help. You know how it is possible for us.? it just because of your support. I know we could not make it without you. I will keep update about Balloo Our rescued boxer). Thank you million’s for supporting Guardians of the Voiceless which always remain in the services of our voiceless and those who need our help. Together we have huge strength and power to change our world. Much love and have an amazing day to all.

Guardians of the Voiceless Team is always on action with kindness and compassion for all. Apart from medication we also have huge responsibility to feed all these hungry starving babies. Every single day our little warriors go in street and feed them. I remember there was a time when these babies were so skinny and they were all the time trying to find something from garbage. But little by little we are able to treat all injured and sick babies, we continue to feed them so they can get stronger. Your contribution is very important for this cause. We are all together are making a difference, you all are their Guardians!! It breaks our heart when they fight for food and when they starve. Many of we rescued from streets keeping them in our friend house and in my house and many we are feeding in streets and many we feed during medication. Feeding is not only our aim, we also have the most important goal in mind to make a huge project, to Neuter and spay as many dogs possible. Every single dog should be spayed and get food. Is the only solution for us to stop such suffering, we want to spread our love and dedication all over the world. To keep them treated them and feeding them we really need your support. We also need to buy blankets for them winter is getting here. We have to spread compassion and kindness in each corner in the world. Please be part of our team, become a Guardian, help us complete our goals! Together we can make this revolution huge. Thank you millions. Guardians of the voiceless.

We start our morning with this wonderful dog. He is doing little better now , as from last few days he had temperature which is normal now. We had to bring water with us because that old guy who is fostering him is so poor, he is living near by dirty river, with temporary house. He and his wife does not have so much but helping us to look after him. They have to go far to bring water for them. So we are also trying to help them. We went to dog, given him exercise fed him and given water, we do three time each day. Please he still need forever home. He will be okey all he need love and care. Thank you all our amazing team children for hard work. God bless. Guardians of the voiceless.

auch Kälber retten die Jungs!
One month ago while wondering in street’s we found one very skinny, little calf on road. When we asked people what happened to him, they said one car hit him and he got fracture. Someone just fix with sticks temporarily, but he was not able to stand up, and had not care. He was not going to survive as he was sitting in middle of road, and it was raining hard and also so much heat. We decided to take him to vet in other city. We hired car and took him, they put plaster. We brought him back, went to each day to fed him,and for medication. So finally he is able to walk, run and now also so much healthy. His Plaster has off. yayyyy. I wish we could keep him with us. Please why they are suffering without mother’s.?? Think about that. God bless you baby. Guardians of the voiceless.