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About Edgar’s Mission

Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit Farm Sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is set on 153 peaceable acres situated just outside of Lancefield, nestled in the tranquillity of the Macedon Ranges.

Did you know? Edgar’s Mission is a registered DGR (Charity). This means that any donation over $2 is now tax deductible. ABN 75001 177 836

Our farm sanctuary currently provides life-long love and care to over 300 rescued animals.

Edgar’s Mission was founded by Pam Ahern and named after her first rescued pig, Edgar. Edgar Alan Pig, aka “the pig who started it all” sadly passed away shortly after his 7th birthday party in April 2010. Edgar, a gentle giant, touched so many people and was an amazing ambassador for pigs and farmed animals everywhere. He will be missed beyond words – but his mission will continue.

Why do farmed animals need rescuing?

Few Australians are aware that the vast majority of animals in human care in this country – some 500 million ‘food’ or ‘production’ animals – have been excluded from the protection of our animal welfare legislation.

In particular, millions of farmed animals daily endure lives of abject misery in factory farms.  Barely able to move they endure acts of cruelty that would be illegal if they were your cat or dog. Imagine a life without sunshine, without freedom, without being able to socialize, without hope … Welcome to the ‘life’ of a factory-farmed animal.

How has this happened? As custodians of this planet, we have been guilty of playing favourites. We have designated some animals friends and some animals food. Yet they are no different. All share the same ability to suffer, the same need and desire to experience life, for it to have joy, meaning and purpose.

Edgar’s Mission provides you with the opportunity to meet these animals, read their stories and decide which life they need and deserve.

Come for a visit and spend time on The Kindness Trail which will provide you with quotes from some of the finest human minds that will challenge you, inspire you and simply make you smile.

Edgar’s Mission provides you with a glimpse into a different world – a merciful world.



The video you have been waiting all year for is finally here – our cutest moments of 2016!!

To help keep more cuteness happening in 2017 please consider making a donation towards Edgar’s Mission today <3 http://donate.edgarsmission.org.au


The Beautiful Moment a Mama Pig Finally Gets to Keep Her Babies Will Have You in Happy Tears (VIDEO)


Cutest Moments of 2015

On a day when all who celebrate pigs have a heavy heart, we share with you a story of hope. On 28/09/13 we thought we rescued three pigs but we were wrong, for not long thereafter Wonder Woman (aka Mumma Pig) gave birth to nine happy and healthy piglets. And all went on to live happily ever after…

But you don’t have to rescue pigs to save them, just don’t eat them. It really is that easy.

Help us win $50,000

Thank you to everyone who has voted for us in Microsoft’s #UpgradeYourWorldAU competition! Please remember to vote again today, you’re allowed one vote per day and we need all the help we can get.

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5. Write anything you like on the post, we would appreciate it if you asked your friends to vote for us, or just leave it blank. Click share.
6. You have successfully voted for us, thank you and yippee!

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Thank you all so much

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