700 Hunde gerettet aus Hundefleischhandel

Erneut 700 hunde aus dem fleischhandel in china gerettet.

Another successful rescue of 700 dogs. Two trucks were spotted around 9/2710:00 pm China time and four hours later the trucks were blocked by activists in the town of Qing Huang Dao (near Beijing).

During this incident, one of the first arrived volunteers was attacked with a metal pole by one of the dog thieves. The dog thief was then caught and detained by other volunteers and turned over to the police.

As in the past highway rescues, volunteers and activists were working day and night to care for the rescued dogs. Veterinarians and animal health technicians also rushed in to help. Crates, dog food, and medical supplies started to pour in from people who were found out about the incident.

We believe that the dog thieves are feeling the pressure from their communities and the Chinese government will eventually intervene in a positive way because of the negative publicity directed toward the dog meat trade. Duo Duo’s next focus will be to push for animal protection laws . We need a lot of worldwide help. If you like to support our campaign and be a part of this historic animal welfare movement, please sign up for our E-News to stay connected or become a volunteer. Thank you.