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Humane Society International is one of the only international animal protection organizations in the world working to protect all animals—including animals in laboratories, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife—and our record of achievement demonstrates our dedication and effectiveness. HSI: Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty.

Quiet, gentle Claire was the last dog to be removed from the sixth dog meat farm we’ve shut down. Now, thanks to you, she is on her way home–and no dog will ever suffer here again.

More Good News on Rescued Yulin Dogs !…Courtesy post for HSI
Humane Society International (HSI) team and its China partner group activists brought three groups of dogs out of Yulin between June 16 and June 23 . This last group of 120 dogs were particularly pitiful: thirty, filthy, hungry, exhausted, and abused. Crammed in suffocating wire cages without room to even breathe comfortably, many of them had injuries all over their bodies. But, they survived the long-distance transport out of Yulin, out of Guangxi, and to a tempory facility maintained by HSI partner groups.Look at them now in the clean and bright shelter that is being remodeled for better care of these folks Our thanks go to our partner group activists and the vets who are helping these dogs around the o’clock. Thanks also go to all of YOU, Andrea Gung, Maureen Vint, Leslie Barcus and many more who have supported HSI and me personally. Rescue dogs out of the slaughterhouse is only the first step. Ensuring their care and welfare for the rest of the life is even more important
Plans are in the works for the adoption of these dogs by loving families in China, the U.S., Canada and U.K.


UPDATE: The 120 dogs HSI helped rescue from Yulin have arrived safe and sound at a temporary facility in central China, where they are receiving veterinary care. Once they’ve had time to recover, they’ll be moved to a permanent shelter and put up for adoption in China and overseas.

Meanwhile, we have been asked to assist with the transport and accommodation of another 80 dogs from Yulin, and we’re working with our partner groups to find appropriate sheltering and care for these dogs.


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UPDATE: HSI and our Chinese partner groups helped to rescue many hundreds of dogs from slaughter trucks in the weeks leading up to Yulin, and we rescued 54 dogs and cats in the last couple of days before Yulin. In the final 24 hours of the festival, we were also asked by Marc Ching to help with some of the dogs that he had rescued. We met with Marc in Yulin and have taken on the care of an additional 120 dogs, many sick or injured. They will all receive good veterinary care. There are several Chinese groups assisting, but we have made ourselves available to help Marc with more dogs if he needs us. We remain in regular contact with Marc.

We may also be taking on more dogs from Yulin, because we have been asked for help by two of our Chinese partner groups, so watch this space for updates and pictures. The 54 dogs and cats from our first rescue are doing well, the 120 dogs will take longer to heal. But thanks to our supporters‘ generosity they will all now receive the love and care they need. Once we have all of them back on their paws, we will decide which ones can be put up for adoption, and whether that will be in China or further afield. We will keep you guys updated on those plans!

Santa & 25 Others Rescued from South Korean Dog Meat Farm

HSI Celebrates 6 Years in Bhutan

WATCH: In 2009, the government of Bhutan asked us for help to manage the country’s street dog population in a humane and sustainable manner. The project has been a huge success: We’ve vaccinated and sterilized almost 64,000 animals, and are now transitioning to 100% local leadership to maintain this initiative into the future.

HSI Rescues 103 Dogs from the Dog Meat Trade

Amazing news: Chinese activists have AGAIN stopped a truck headed to slaughter, saving the lives of close to 500 dogs! HSI-funded Chinese Animal Protection Power (CAPP) was able to respond immediately by sending people and rescue supplies. Donate to help us save more animals from slaughter:…

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Amazing news: Two more highway rescues by Chinese activists have saved the lives of close to 600 dogs headed for slaughter! That makes FIVE rescues in a week and a half, and more than 1,400 ANIMALS SAVED. Donations are needed to allow the HSI-funded China Animal Protection Power (CAPP) to continue these rescue efforts.

Please donate to help us save more animals from slaughter:…

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Animals injured or abandoned in Nepal following the earthquake are receiving lifesaving food and water, medicine, vaccinations, and veterinary attention from HSI’s Animal Rescue Team. We need your support to be able to help animals in Nepal and wherever disaster strikes.

Donate now:…

Tiere verletzt oder aufgegeben in Nepal folgenden Erdbeben erhalten lebensrettende Nahrung und Wasser, Medizin, Impfungen und tierärztliche Aufmerksamkeit von HSI’s Animal Rescue Team. Wir brauchen Ihre Unterstützung für die Tiere in Nepal und wo Notfall behilflich sein.

A massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit large parts of Nepal today, causing widespread damage. HSI’s Animal Rescue Team is safe and ready to deploy in response to the earthquake, in support of local agencies or animal welfare groups in the strike zone.

We understand the human dimensions of the catastrophe, now the focus of media coverage, but we expect to learn more about animal-related needs and challenges in the hours and days ahead, and we’ll be ready to help.

As specific needs emerge, we’ll work to provide temporary shelter for animals in need; to rent and outfit animal sheltering facilities and rescue vehicles; to help reunite lost animals with their families; and to aid local shelters and other animal protection facilities in disaster-affected regions. Make an urgent gift now to support our international disaster fund:
Ein gewaltiges Erdbeben der Stärke 7,9 schlagen große Teile von Nepal heute weit verbreiteten Schaden verursacht. HSI’s Animal Rescue Team ist sicher und als Reaktion auf das Erdbeben, zur Unterstützung der lokalen Agenturen oder Tierschutz-Gruppen in der Strike Zone bereitstellen.

Wir verstehen die menschlichen Dimension der Katastrophe, die jetzt im Mittelpunkt der Berichterstattung in den Medien, aber wir erwarten weitere Informationen zu Tier-bezogenen Anforderungen und Herausforderungen in den Stunden und Tage im voraus, und wir werden bereit sein, zu helfen.

Als speziellen Bedürfnisse entstehen, wir arbeiten Bereitstellung von Notunterkünften für Tiere in Not; mieten und schützenden Tierhaltungsräume und Rettungswagen-outfit; zu helfen, verlorene Tiere mit ihren Familien zu vereinen; und zur Unterstützung der lokalen Schutzhütten und andere Tierschutz-Einrichtungen in Katastrophe betroffenen Regionen. Machen Sie eine dringende Geschenk jetzt zur Unterstützung unserer internationalen Katastrophenfonds:

HSI supports relief efforts to provide animals with life-saving food, water, shelter, and veterinary attention. Help us provide direct emergency response on the ground during crises, help build animal welfare infrastructure in areas recovering from…

BREAKING: Animal advocates of HSI partner groups have succeeded in intercepting a truck with 153 dogs bound for slaughter in China. Many of the dogs were wearing collars and are likely stolen pets. All of the dogs will be rehabilitated before being placed for adoption.

HSI is supporting efforts by Chinese activists to fight the country’s dog meat trade. We helped fund five highway rescue operations last year, saving the lives of more than 2,000 dogs. We’re encouraging our partners to put pressure on authorities to shut down this horrific industry completely.

BREAKING: Tierische Befürworter der HSI Partnergruppen gelungen abfangen einen LKW mit 153 Hunde, die zur Schlachtung in China gebunden. Viele der Hunde Halsbänder trugen und sind wahrscheinlich gestohlenen Tiere. Alle die Hunde wird saniert werden, bevor Sie zur Annahme gebracht.

HSI unterstützt die Bemühungen der chinesischen Aktivisten des Landes Hund Fleischhandel zu kämpfen. Wir halfen Fonds fünf Autobahn Rettungsmaßnahmen im vergangenen Jahr das Leben von mehr als 2.000 Hunde gerettet. Wir sind unseren Partnern Druck auf Behörden diese schrecklichen Industrie vollständig herunterfahren ermutigen.